WordPress Automatic 3.54.2 Content Generator Plugin

WordPress Automatic 3.54.2 – This Plugin has been advertised for WordPress by almost every website. You can import from popular websites like Envato, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter using API, or almost any website you want using scratch plugin. WordPress Automatic has tons of rich features you needed.

WordPress Automatic 3.54.2 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • RSS feeds to WordPress
    Add an RSS feed to the plugin to copy the text to of every website. You can get all the details. Writer , tag, category and special image.
  • Posted to WordPress from almost any website
    The multi-page scraper can extract multiple pages from each item. Website. It also supports pagination, so you can import it. All posts from almost all websites.
  • Amazon products for WordPress have been announced
    Get stuff from Amazon by keyword or browser node WooCommerce support is complete with product and price Update fees and connection options may be set up.
  • Launching eBay Items for WordPress
    It starts to be fetched on eBay by keyword or seller WooCommerce support is complete with product and price Affiliate links have just been created.
  • Walmart product overview for WordPress
    Redeem by Walmart by keyword WooCommerce support is complete with product and price Affiliate links have just been created.
  • ClickBank product launch for WordPress
    It starts import based on ClickBank keywords A description of the product is provided by the manufacturer. Affiliate links have just been created.
  • Envato Posts to WordPress
    Import from Envato brands such as CC and ThemeForest Import by keyword, tag, category or specialized supplier Affiliate links have just been created.
  • Posted to WordPress from almost any webpage
    A Url page scraper can store everything you need. We will continue to review and copy this section. Update when new text or existing texts change.
  • Decodes the html parameters.
    Wordpress Automatic has awesome ability to determine the html source of the content / title.
  • Change the encoding before announcing.
    The plugin has the ability to convert content removed by encoding to utf-8, making it compatible with WordPress.
  • Ignore duplicate names.
    The plugin can check if there are previous posts with the same name.
  • Craigslist Listing to WordPress
    Get Listing from Craigslist. Also add a CL URL The plugin only bears all names. Automatically publish it on your WordPress.
  • CareerJet to WordPress
    Key points and job selection via CareerJet Special zones with the possibility of filtering by hour You can filter by type of contract.
  • Facebook Posts to WordPress
    Exchange via Facebook page, personal profile , open or close groups. Review and make updates Water filters are widely used to filter by type, date and more.
  • Twitter to WordPress
    Import keywords, hashtags or Post new ads on special profiles to your WordPress with this awesome plugin.
  • Instagram to WordPress
    Import hashtags or particular profile. You can import comments and tags. You can also download Popular Posts or Recent Ads.
  • Pinterest to WordPress
    Get Pinterest Pins by keyword, forum, or Also create a special profile Websites with an initial rubber WordPress plugin.
  • Start posting from Reddit to WordPress
    Get Reddit through a Reddit URL Find, import special users to reddit or subreddit You can import messages and include videos and GIFs.
  • Get all the content from the content feed. Wordpress Auto can convert truncated feeds to full content with high throughput.
  • Excerpt from part of the original publication. Wordpress Auto removes two sets of values ​​from CSS id / class, XPath, or REGEX and links them to WordPress.
  • Find and replace.
    The plugin can search for deleted content for a text / area and replace it with a bookmark.
  • Original time message.
    Wordpress Auto can set up custom wordpress templates along with the templates for your feed.
  • Extract the mass.
    The plugin can set the developer group in the same category as the first post. Extract the original tag. Wordpress auto can use CSS id / class to remove characters from the original newsletter and set them as tags in the template.
  • Check out the original collection. Wordpress Auto will remove the author’s name from the first column and select him as the author of the script if it exists, or write it otherwise.
  • Text without details can be ignored.
    The plugin can check for deleted content and ignore the text if there is no content.
  • Non-English text will be ignored.
    Wordpress Auto has the option of setting the status to Pending if you suspect it is not written in English.
  • Skip text without images.
    The plugin has the option to check for deleted content and ignore it if it doesn’t have the image. We publish the oldest books first. Wordpress Auto has incredible option to publish old posts or items first. By default, we announce new products first.
  • Photos featured by Facebook og: tag photos.
    The plugin can remove Facebook images as thumbnails and set them as recommended images.

Demo URL:

WordPress Automatic 3.54.2 Content Generator Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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