WOOF WooCommerce Products Filter Extension

WOOF – is a powerful, flexible, simple and powerful WooCommerce product filter plugin that extends the capabilities of the WooCommerce plugin to allow web visitors to search for commercial products by category, product behavior, finish, product distribution, and cost. WOOF ecommerce plugin has the following extensions: Taxonomy Search Inside STATISTIC Module, Hierarchy Dropdown, Metafilter, Color, On Sale Checkbox, Search by Text, Image, Search by SKU, Label, Taxonomy, Range Slider, In Stock Checkbox, etc.

If you are a WordPress PHP developer and want to build something unique for your project – using the WOOF extension API and the standard extension as an example, you can build almost any extension for your engine. of research. model for you. personal goal. The easiest ! Do not miss this opportunity. Test drive before purchase. You can download and try it for free before you do anything. No worries, no responsibilities! Not just developers, this expert plugin gives all users a higher level of flexibility than standard WooCommerce store products. It’s the best way to keep working. You can view and filter commercial articles as part of a page or broadcast content, and of course commercial products which can be filtered in redirect or ajax mode. The custom_tpl shortcode attribute also allows you to use custom templates that provide flexible transitions in different functions.

The Advanced tab allows you to add custom CSS to tailor the plugin to your website’s needs, because consistency is key! Rules continue to take your store to the next level and give consumers the choice of author, seller, SKU, or color. Extensions allow you to create custom shortcodes that can represent your products in different ways. WOOF e-commerce store support expands its marketing capabilities, providing consumers with maximum resources to search and filter their favorite information.

WOOF WordPress Plugin Features:
  • Representation
    WOOF can be used as a Shortcode like a widget. A special shortcode [woof] allows you to integrate filtering material anywhere on your site. You can display the product lists and attributes in the search form with radio, checkbox, drop down list, multiple drop down list, radio button in drop down list, color, image, label, hierarchical drop down list, attribute / classification. Range slider, drop-down checkbox button
  • Products shortcode
    You can view and filter commercial articles as part of a page or serve content, and of course there are also commercial products that can be filtered in redirect or ajax mode. The custom_tpl shortcode attribute also allows you to use custom templates that provide flexible transitions in different functions.
  • Find products with AJAX
    (Optional) Filter WooCommerce business products without reloading the page. It works with 95% wordpress content and depends on the html code associated with your current wp theme, so you should try it out before you publish it to your developer.
  • Dynamic product description
    This powerful feature allows you to display in the survey the number of related variations found when you click on a selected html theme in the text of the filter search form.
  • Filter WooCommerce products by metadata
    Allows you to add metadata fields (text and numbers) to search for feeds using special functions in the plugin page
  • Search for products by SKU
    WOOF allows you to filter your inventory by SKU as part of a larger survey, so special shortcodes
  • Search for items by price
    Drop-down list with multiple options as it can be displayed as multiple cursors
  • WooCommerce Product Search
    By name, description, extract and combination here. You can use a special shortcode [woof_text_filter] which you can insert anywhere you want.
  • Products Messenger
    You can allow consumers to sign up for filtering products and always let them know that the actual product they want will appear in your store. These tools can convert your store. Shortcode used as widget [woof_products_messenger]
  • Search query
    This extension allows consumers to save their searches together and access them later with one click, so they can learn more and pay for your store.
  • Infinite scrolling
    You can load and display WooCommerce products on your store and catalog pages without having to click the pagination button.
  • Products Fiters
    Using this technology, you can create assistant tools that allow your customers to buy a leg up on the product they want to buy.
  • SEO links
    This special WOOF SEO extension URL allows your store to build SEO friendly search links that influence your search results on Google and other search engines.
  • Statistics
    You can analyze your research data and understand what interests your customers, and this information will help you grow your business.
  • Quick search
    A machine specially designed for WOOF allows instant search, regardless of product quantity, without AJAX or page reloading.

Demo URL:

WOOF WooCommerce Products Filter Extension

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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