Ultimate Affiliate Pro 9.11 Membership WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Affiliate Pro 9.11 – is the newest and most comprehensive affiliate WordPress plugin that allows you to share your affiliate platform with lots of rewards and rank based rewards or special offers. You can turn your website into a real marketing machine and the income you need to sit back and make others work for you! Each stakeholder can create their own business plan and guide more participants through a “tiered business” strategy.
An all-in-one plugin that helps you build a complete community site UserPro provides a beautiful front-end profile, login, and registration for WordPress. Apart from that, UserPro has many other features like social and collaboration, business transmission, user badges, IDs, content restrictions, public / private feeds, etc. It’s just an all-in-one plugin!
Depending on your design, you can use one of the predefined templates for typing, clip extensions, and use the callback option. Additionally, Custom CSS is available for your specific needs, so you can customize any template.
In addition to the pre-templates, all sites can be customized to modify the text, commands and pre-requisites.
For additional purposes, you can add unlimited settings of different types, as well as other options like password strength, captcha authentication or TOS validation conditions.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro 9.11 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • Follow / no longer follow Function
    The Follow / Unfollow feature allows users to follow / unfollow other community members. Scheduling shortcodes can be used to identify subscribers and subscribers.
  • Social activity feed
    These feeds reflect recent user site activity, such as new registrations, new announcements, new comments, and new subscribers. It comes in two types: public channels and private channels.
  • Membership list
    Provide the members as a table or collage. You can display custom names.
  • Search the Membership Directory
    Open lists join search and filter options. Use custom filters to notify members of our top tier affiliate list.
  • Frontend Editor
    Don’t send regular members to the backend, just post them directly through the frontend. It supports all post types and custom post categories.
  • Messages by user
    Displays ads by user / author in the main content area and sidebar. Dynamically display the author’s message. All of these responses created by users can also be included in the user’s profile.
  • Signs and achievements
    Manually or simply assign badges to responsible users and place tags on the profile page. Support custom tag upload function.
  • Content restrictions.
    Restrict all pages / ads to responsible user or secured account. Lock down all websites / pages for users.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Menu.
    There are over 15 menu options with different pages available on the account page. You can personalize the difference, from profile to company to notifications, and we’re ready to help your partners better.
  • Performance ranking
    Divide participants into different levels and assign them different levels. All participants can advance to the next level by completing.
  • Unlimited Affiliates
    There is no limit to the number of partners who can promote your products and services.
  • Custom amount
    Set a percentage or final price for each rating, offer, or legal order, such as MLM Rewards.
  • Special offer
    Participants will receive a different amount depending on the product purchased. Delivery will be limited by date.
  • Multi-level sales
    Turn your integrated platform into an MLM system to help your affiliates find new leaders. You can configure the UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix system as desired.
  • Life commission
    Allow your partners to authorize their customers to profit from their future purchases. No more worries about cookies or other browsers.
  • Performance has been improved
    Set up rewards when one of your partners exceeds a certain level or registers for the first time. Different levels can have different bonuses.
  • Banner management
    Each website with a banner has a variety of banners to help affiliates promote their products and services.
  • Paypal Payouts
    Pay your earnings by joining PayPal directly from your Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just a few clicks. Choose to pay for a single transfer or a full deposit.
  • Stripe payment
    Pay your US earnings through Stripe right from your Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just a few clicks.
  • Recurring Referrals
    Earn compensation for different members based on user income and level.
  • Authorize your own approval
    Allow your affiliates to earn money from their referrals
  • Don’t hesitate to join
    Membership that pays a lump sum upon registration as agreed by the user
  • Social share
    Integration with Social Share & Locker to provide share button options for participants to share their social networking experience.
  • Opt-in integration
    10 Email Marketing Platform is an integration for storing emails associated with additional media.
  • landing group
    A unique module that covers business needs by rewarding attendees based on landing pages such as registration completed or milestones completed.
  • Wallet
    Participants have the option to use their income directly on the website for additional purchases based on certain discounts based on the design of the coupons.
  • Affiliate voucher
    Join your partnership with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download or Ultimate Membership Pro promo codes that will reward you when your customers use this coupon on your system.
  • Personalized slug alliance
    We add a personal slug in addition to the default username or id, so participants can hide their id or company name after the custom slug.
  • Friendly Affiliate Links
    Partners can use peer-to-peer connections instead of having more peer-to-peer connections when the links are shared and easier to read.
  • Fair payment
    Consumers decide which partners will receive rewards during the transaction. BuddyPress account page
    Link the pages associated with the account directly in your BudyPress account page under the tab.
  • WooCommerce Account Page
    Linking Pages Attach pages directly to your WooCommerce account page under the General tab. Customs
    If your result is not available in the system, we can add your result for later use.
  • Affiliate parent
    Provide public lists of top attendees identified by income, referrals, or visits using the Top 10 Criteria.
  • Custom filling form
    Many custom fields provide registration forms that can be edited.
  • Page count
    Changes can consist of over 15 tabbed menus with different options and 3 pre-configured templates and special sections.
  • Affiliate Information
    There are many shortcodes that can help you view log files for all participants on your website.
  • Ready to translate
    Ultimate Affiliate Pro is ready to run in any language, all translations are ready.
  • Pin up
    Detailed information on affiliate or payment notices for admin and all affiliates is available on the Account page.
  • Custom Notification
    Email notifications of various actions or steps for partners and admins

Demo URL:

Ultimate Affiliate Pro 9.11 Membership WordPress Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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