FS Poster 3.5.2 WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler Plugin

FS Poster 3.5.2 – is a WordPress social media scheduler that publishes your WordPress post to increase engagement with your online community. Social Media Scheduler gives marketers the ability to blog, repost content regularly, schedule multiple posts across multiple channels, and share posts directly on social media. Users can share blog photos, infographics, or videos on the WordPress visual sharing platform. Social Media Scheduler supports 15 partnerships to help you achieve and improve SEO by increasing the number of visitors to your website. Third-party tools help you create ads for each account. Unlimited post sharing helps you stay online and achieve your business goals. Real-time analytics assesses social interactions by comparing platform performance, onboarding, and clicks.

FS Poster 3.5.2 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • Auto Post:
    Auto Posting is a great way to post content to your social media accounts. Creating a new script is not a big deal. However, sharing new content on every social media account is time consuming and unreliable. Most businesses have hundreds of accounts, pages, groups, etc. that they can interact with their readers and customers. That’s why you need automation. This allows you to share information from that account without incurring monthly fees and wasting time. Publishing using FS Posters is very easy. All you need to do is install and configure the social media plugin plugin on your website, add your account to the plugin, and publish your WordPress theme. The plugin does the rest.
  • Support All Posts Types:
    A custom ad type is one type of ad that you can add to your WordPress website. FS bulletin supports all types of post rules and you can share all kinds of post rules on your social network. Adding custom media types to the plugin is very easy. The screenshot shows how easy it is to add custom media modes to the plugin.
  • Schedule Posts:
    You are still following your understanding of the social media account and know that most of your visitors have been online for some time. However, for some reason you are not online to connect with your audience by sharing WordPress posts through your account. Or, you haven’t prepared an announcement yet. As a result, we missed the best opportunity to post on social media. You can’t miss the quick chat time and connect with as many visitors as possible. The FS Poster Social Media Scheduler Scheduler module allows you to schedule and schedule broadcasts at special times. Creating a post only takes a few minutes. Offers the possibility of improving the broadcast frequency. Calendars allow you to see your schedule. You can also restart the campaign calendar as many times as you want. This is beneficial for online sellers as they have to share products more often.
  • Posting Interval
    As you know, social networks don’t like users who have posted too much once. Chatters or subscribers can mark your messages as spam, posing a real risk to your business. This is the worst thing that can happen, but if you keep posting too many times it becomes a headache and you will get bored of posting with the crowd. On the flip side, if you advertise too often, your audience will forget you’re there. For this reason, you need to equalize the frequency of transmissions. Fortunately, FS Newsletters have an after-hours option that lets you control how much you advertise.
  • Detailed Logs:
    The log is a record of the events that occur in the system. The advertiser also has a tab bar where you can see all the history of social media posts on your website. The Logs tab contains information about the comments, likes, comments, and shares of posts in your account. The Journals tab also provides links to social media posts, links to social media profile, and links to shared WordPress posts.
  • Direct Share:
    FS Poser has a direct panel for sharing images, links and personalized messages. There are times when you don’t want to share your blog posts, but you have the content you need to share on social media. Social Media Scheduler allows you to share content on social networks without blogging. It doesn’t need a blog, but helps a lot of users because they have to share content to hundreds of accounts and don’t want to make money one by one for sharing content. Alternatively, you can add your account to the plugin once and automate the workbook.
  • URL Shortener Service:
    URL Shortener is a simple tool for converting long URLs to short URLs. Links can be long, difficult, or awkward and should be shorter or simpler. There are many short service URLs. Sharing malicious URLs on social media can scare your followers. This is why TinyURL and Bitly URL shortening services are included in the plugin.
  • Post Messages:
    When you share a post to a social media account, sometimes you want to share certain information about the post rather than all the posts. FS Posters contains important information that allows you to share the most important information about a publication or the entire newsletter. You can check and apply the theme settings in the Plugin Settings tab. Each social network has its own location and its own rules.
  • Insights:
    The Dashboard tab lets you view posts, compare conversations or relationships by clicking a link, and more. The report shows the number of messages in this month’s conference. It also tells you the number of clicks received by your information and calendar. You can see the daily, monthly and yearly results in the graph. You can view a comparison of partnerships and revenues with one click.
  • Customize Post URL:
    Let’s say you have over 80 pages and categories on Facebook. If you share the same ads on all of these pages and groups, Facebook will consider the ad and you can receive notifications on Facebook. If you enable the “Unique post links” option, a random icon will appear at the end of each link. Therefore, your ads will be unique and you will be able to specify the same ads on multiple pages or categories as you wish. The “Add URL Failure” option allows you to add main content to your URL buffer. The “Show Custom URL Change Via WP Mail Link” option allows you to define and access custom report URLs using special terms. This may be necessary if you want to display a URL other than the URL frame.
  • Integrated with 15 Social Networks:
    Social Media Scheduler supports automatic posting to 15 WordPress based social networks and websites.
    Not all. We are constantly developing our plugins and adding new threads and features to our plugins.
    With the updated life, consumers can use the new chat and the new features forever at no additional cost.
  • Category Publications Filter:
    Sometimes there are different categories with different themes on the website. For example, there is a category for men’s clothing and a category for women’s clothing. On the other hand, Facebook has a men’s clothing page and a women’s clothing page, where we share our products. Of course, you must indicate the Male category advertised on the Men page and the Women category advertised on the Women page. You can notify all advertisers by activating your account using special events. In a nutshell, the plugin automatically displays posts based on the amount you are filtering. You can also filter posts by time, format, category, tag, and list of special IDs when you use Calendar to create schedules to display background notes.
  • Calendar View:
    When using FS calendar calendar module and creating a calendar plan, the plugin allows you to view all your calendars. The calendar displays the date and time as well as the number of times that have occurred in a day.
  • Multisite Support:
    WordPress Multisite is a unique feature that allows you to create and run multiple WordPress websites with a single WordPress setup. You can deploy a network of sites from a WordPress dashboard. Social Media Scheduler supports several features of the WordPress site. After the network administrator installs the plug-in once, it becomes available everywhere. After installing the plugin, you can enjoy the automatic posting of multiple sites to 15 social networks and WordPress based websites.
  • Proxy Support:
    The server name follows the gateway between you and the Internet. If you are using a server name, the request goes beyond the server name to the address of the request. The query file is returned by the same name server, which sends the data to the user. There are many reasons to use a name for a conversation. For example: There will be hundreds of accounts, pages, and groups. Either way, every request comes from the same place and we want to hide it. We want to hide our IP address. Sometimes social networks block the server’s IP address. As you know, in some countries like China, you cannot access Facebook, Instagram, etc. due to company policy; Fortunately, Social Media Scheduler allows you to enjoy the best results by adding a title to the plugin.
  • Schedule Actions:
    We know how important it is to schedule advertising on social media accounts. In addition to the social media calendar, you can use the multitasking feature to share past announcements through your social network. You may have a few special announcements that you want to share, and you may not want to spend time sharing them one by one. In this case, you can select the broadcast and share it with one click.
  • Emoji Support:
    There are many ways to get people interested in a conversation. Emojis are one of them and they work wonderfully. Adding emoji to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. will make your ads more beautiful. Fortunately, the social media system supports emoticons and it is very easy to share emoticons with your ads. To display emoticons on social media, just add them to your custom language. The FS report will do other things for you.

Demo URL:

FS Poster 3.5.2 WordPress Social Auto Poster & Scheduler Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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