Flat 360° 1.5.1 Panoramic Image Viewer – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Flat 360° 1.5.1 Panoramic Image Viewer – Uses straight line static panoramic images and adds hot spots and scrolling using WordPress for a very clear view. Yes, we support the new WordPress Gutenberg editor! To bring your static panoramic images to life, the Flat Panoramic Viewer plugin is the answer you’ve been looking for.
In addition to enabling access points by providing users with 360 ° rotations to the right and left, and by linking <map> content to images, using plugins that manage old images for older users. experienced, classify them for end users. Additional configuration required.
No coding knowledge is required to get a flat panoramic viewer out of the box. Indeed, this facilitates navigation by adding a shortcut in the toolbar of the TinyMCE editor. Advanced features require knowledge of HTML, JS, and CSS. But I will help too! With your purchase, you not only get this wonderful plugin, but you also get great support for any business issues you might have. Extensive documentation also includes clear, easy-to-follow examples of step-by-step instructions to get you started with minimal effort or prior knowledge.
You can add flat panorama viewer to every page, ad, widget, section of your custom shortcode as plugins and you can have multiple special pages without any problem. It also works well with light fixtures such as responsive light boxes (not included), allowing you to zoom in on hot spots for greater efficiency.
Why not test yourself now? Check the preview to be able to interact with the whole effect! Of course, Flat Panoramic Viewer is fully responsive and optimizes the use of all modern devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops, so no matter what they use, users will have a good experience. Support users will receive the best possible support. If your support period has expired, extend your support to get support and support for your Flat 360 plug-in. We are unable to provide service and support to users whose support expired. Respond to emails or comments and extend your ongoing support without criticizing me. Thank you.

Flat 360° 1.5.1 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • Only support flat panoramic images (no spherical images or other harsh images)
  • Support for mobiles / touchpads
  • Can be used for Responsive mode design.
  • Use the width of the box (needed to set the height if used in a large edit).
  • Automatic scrolling with sliding controls
  • 180/360 degree viewing angle
  • Shortcode generator integrated into the WordPress TinyMCE editor
  • Gutenberg editor Compitable and Ready
  • Possibility to add hotspots on map beacons and in combination with lightbox plugins
  • Support for multi-site configuration
  • Local plan (for example, .pot file)
  • Better & Detailed information

Demo URL:

Flat 360° 1.5.1 Panoramic Image Viewer – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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