FileBird 4.9.8 Premium WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin

FileBird 4.9.8 – Are you have tons of media files in your WordPress media library? And do you have a hard time managing them? FileBird 4.9.8 WordPress Media Library will take your media library from your WordPress site to the next level. Building a site means adding tons of new media files daily like images, txt, videos, pdf, docx, audio files, etc. to our database site. As a result, sites must store thousands of records. WordPress’s default media database doesn’t allow you to sort your files in any way, and you want to do that just like you would with files on your computer? When you want to find special download files on your WordPress site, don’t know how to find them?

FileBird 4.9.8 WordPress Media Library Plugin was born to help you easily overcome any problem. This plugin makes it easy to configure files in your website’s news library. These tools allow you to manage and analyze thousands of images, audio, video, and more in your news library.  Managing your WordPress files has never been easier. Just drag and drop to upload or move files or folders. It will save you a lot of time by putting your data out of place. A hierarchical folder view makes it easy to find any folder at a glance.

FileBird 4.9.8 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • Drag & Drop Interface
    Laughing and falling have now become the norm. Easy extraction procedures, including moving files from the blade to the folder and from the folder, reduce the number of clicks to complete the task.
  • Folder tree displayed in top-notch design
    We keep up with the latest trends in configuring downloadable symbols, buttons, stickers, sections and themes. All Team Ninja plugins are written with clean code and UI / UX design inspiration.
  • Fantastic file browser in page design
    Just open the page you created, insert an image and browse the file right in the same interface in FileBird 4.9.8 media library. This is a great special feature provided by FileBird.
  • Guttenberg Integrated
    Just add the ‘FileBird Gallery’ block to your post page / design and select the folder you want to post. All the information from the opt-in list will automatically appear in your ad. Also custom phrases, links, phrases, and cropping images.
  • Specific Folderr Upload
    FileBird 4.9.8 allows you to upload multiple files at once to the WP folder you want to save. Simply select a special folder from the menu under “Download New Media”. Creating a book like this has never been easier.
  • Convenient Library
    There are now other views in the list or a smaller image from the image gallery. For the fastest batch selection, reorganization, or other tasks, just select the best view. Ascending and descending options are also available.
  • Customizable Sidebar
    what else? The side subbar can be customized to fit your personal names. Alternatively, you can split the folders to focus on the folder you are currently working on.
  • Painless Migration
    We take care and design accordingly. Now, if you’ve used Max Foundry media library, or wpUXsolutions’ enhanced media library before, you can easily import all of your folders at once.
  • Flexible Taxonomies
    The tiered structure really helps with filtration, distribution, and management right from the main WP dashboard. Although the library has thousands of files, the distribution process is still working.
  • CMS Optimization
    Efficiency improves management content by reducing management time and operating and maintenance costs. Thus, control has been achieved.
  • SEO Optimized
    The information hierarchy creates smart decisions that all members should share to easily track changes and events. You don’t build a website alone, do you? So you need to stay engaged, especially for your SEO colleagues.
  • Smart Deletion
    Add or rename folders with one click. Ditto for deleting a folder. However, no data is lost. All files will be moved to the “Uncategorized” folder for future use. Everything you need is ready.
  • Support Multiple Languages
    All menus and scripts that can be edited are translated so that they do not need to be translated. One-click installation, no need to search. A clearly clean UI / UX is a good understanding that you no longer need to read the data.

Demo URL:

FileBird 4.9.8 Premium WordPress Media Library Folders Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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