ARMember 4.6.1 Ultimate WordPress Membership Plugin

ARMember 4.6.1 – WordPress Engagement Plugin is a modern, easy-to-use member management solution that meets all of your website’s membership needs with a unique design. It is very simple and user friendly which does not require any rocket experience in operation. ARMember is a solution to sell WordPress subscriptions, user registration plugins, user profiles, etc. without any advanced programming knowledge.
ARMember is a complete package that offers member-only content protection, reasonable payment options, member management and more! Our goal is to provide the highest quality that is easy to understand and use. We want the registration process to be as easy as possible. With all of that in mind, we’ve come up with some additional features to make the process easier. When you buy ARMember, you get access to these additional benefits.

ARMember 4.6.1 WordPress Plugin Features:
  • All-in-One Membership Plugin with Easy Integration: ARMember is a solution for all your integration needs, such as membership management, payment tracking calendars, content feeds, etc., and very easy to configure. Become your own member in minutes. The place is operational! You can easily track all the members of your site and the percentage of active and inactive members. You can easily track the payment history of multiple group members.
  • Profiles and Directories with Templates: We offer a selection of key templates for registering members and titles, which can be further personalized.
  • Modal login / login form in the top menu: Now add the login / login form top menu is streamlined. No coding required and can be added to the top links for easy access.
  • Popular Payment Methods: Provides an easy and popular payment method that makes it easy for members to sign up. The ARMember membership plugin for WordPress comes bundled with the most popular gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Money Transfer, 2Checkout, and
  • Drip Feeding Theme: The WordPress ARMember membership plugin contains a drip created theme with all the options.
  • Restrict simple website content: It is important to protect and restrict website content. We offer a very simple solution for this. With one click, you can hide your special content from certain membership levels and make certain content available according to members’ choice. This means that you can schedule content to be broadcast to members based on the time and stage of the subscription you choose.
  • Membership Specialization Wizard: The Membership Setup Wizard is unique and provides a brief overview that you can use throughout the process, choosing a plan, writing sign or signing step, to complete your payment .
  • Built-in advanced form filler: Members need to fill out various temporary forms like registration, content access, forgot password, change password, etc. We offer a variety of custom designs for you to make. Choose from these different needs. Another reason to be happy is that there are no ugly captchas in these apps because ARMember protects them with spam protection!
  • Key Features:
    • Easy member management
    • Badges and achievements
    • Import Export Users & Settings
    • Periodic billing
    • Drip content facility
    • Unlimited Trial Plans
    • Content restriction flexibility
    • Multiple payment gateways
    • Social Networks login
    • Member directory / profile templates
    • Exclusive coupon management
    • Opt-ins (email marketers)
    • Translation ready
    • Captcha anti spam facility
    • Email notification
    • Modal form support
    • One Click Plugin update
    • Woocommerce content restriction
    • Buddy press integration
    • Professional support
    • Forms Navigation menu
    • Developer friendly API

Demo URL:

ARMember 4.6.1 Ultimate WordPress Membership Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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