Ajax Search Pro 4.20.2 Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

Ajax Search Pro 4.20.2 – is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. It is customizable with lots of features and options to give you the best results! Replace your WordPress search engine with a better, more efficient search engine. Looking for a better WordPress search? This search plugin includes checklists, mailings, radio button category filters, and custom field filters (meta-posts). Shortcodes and widgets are compatible with all developers including Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg, etc.

Ajax Search Pro can be based on Elementor Live Abutment and Filter kits. Custom page design on Elementor is also supported. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress is designed to give users the greatest experience. It provides live ajax search to make your WordPress search easier. The result is accompanied by photos (if any), so it looks more attractive and of lower resolution. Search works on mobile devices and works on Android or IOS.

Ajax Search can ignore the benefits of wordpress search, thus extending ajax functionality. You can change the search term with the click of a button. Search articles, pages, ad types (e.g. WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, articles, responses), categories, custom tax terms (including articles), businesses, offices record), users, BuddyPress groups, and BuddyPress activities. . Multimedia attachments including content can also be searched for CSV, PDF, RTF, TXT, and Office files, as well as PowerPoint and Excel files.

With over 60 colorful and editable themes, you can save time working with CSS so you can focus more on your presentation. The backend offers hundreds of options for those who want the most advanced modification of their search. Many features have been used based on user feedback and more features will be available soon.
The plugin is updated regularly based on user feedback and virus data. All tickets will be answered within 48 hours, usually within 12 hours (excluding holidays). Search features easy-to-use drag-and-drop style distribution and custom field filter design. Radio, drop-down, checkbox, multi-select, and day filter modes are all supported. The mediator adapts to everything big and small, including ordering, product choice, parent-child relationship, model type, and communication.

Ajax Search Pro 4.20.2 WordPress Plugin Feautes:
  • Support for a variety of content
    Search supports pages, posts, and all kinds of custom post formats. Jigoshop, WooCommerce, wp-Ecommerce, and many other plugins use custom post formats, so they are all Ajax Search Pro compatible.
  • Image support
    Research has a built-in library with a very close relationship to image processing. You can sort by content, snippets, custom fields or just display special images.
  • Customize icon
    Use a variety of high resolution, vectorizable and colorizable svg icons or upload your own if you wish.
  • Adjustable search logic
    You can modify the search as needed. Basically the plugin works with OR logic to give you more results. However, if you want more precise results, you can replace them with one click. Learn more in the Data Recovery Logic section.
  • Intelligent image analysis
    The highly adjustable image analyzer displays the best image results. The plugin can analyze comments, content and cut out custom fields for images.
  • Cache
    For congested websites, caching is provided to reduce database queries and increase search performance.
  • Performance Tracking
    The plugin tracks performance issues and provides a better understanding of recent changes.
  • Filter by tags category, and taxonomy content
    Create and manage categories, tags, and filters for all content distribution. Checkbox, drop-down, and radio button layouts are supported.
  • Custom field filter
    For more sophisticated layouts, you can create custom field filters to give users an advanced way to find your content.
  • Supports multiple sources
    Do you have multiple websites? You can choose which blogs to include in each self-search. You can also do search for multiple blogs at the same time.
  • Compatibility
    The compatibility option provides a quick fix interface if something is not working properly.
  • Fact finding and analysis
    A whole panel of necessary options is provided to users who wish to refine the plugin. You can jump to search terms and create indexes for better results.
  • Page builder support
    Shortcodes and widgets are compatible with all versions of pages such as Elementor, WPBakery Page builder, Visual Composer, Divi Page Builder, Gutenberg, etc. The plugin also works as a WPBakery page builder and a Gutenberg add-on.
  • Google Analytics integration
    You can integrate Google Analytics into your search with the click of a button, so that your queries appear as pageviews on your Analytics dashboard.
  • Compact layout type
    No space to search for widgets on your site? You can hide the search until the user clicks the magnifying glass icon. Ajax Search Pro – Live WordPress Search and Filtering Plugin – 18
  • Important information and automatic completion
    Google keyword search and autocomplete are enabled by default. Agreements will be subject to change.
  • Key points
    Search terms can be found in the list provided. You can change the color of the key.
  • index table engine
    Version 4.5 of the plugin introduces a new indexed table-based search engine. This engine can measure short content for sites created with the Composer plugin. It also offers significant operational efficiency for large car parks.
  • Performance monitoring
    Track performance issues with a simple, built-in tracker. Help to optimize ajax search speed.
  • Before Find location
    The plugin provides a custom front end configuration interface for users. By checking a few boxes, users can modify the behavior of the plugin, for example by finding the exact match that includes / excludes specific ads, categories or distributions (like commercial products).
  • Research statistics
    By doing search statistics, you can better understand the most popular phrases on your website.
  • Import and export
    Would you like to use this research example in another project? Export your search sites and import them to another location. Very simple.
  • Updated regularly
    The plugin receives monthly updates and many user requests and instructions have been completed in the past. Don’t hesitate to share anything
  • Layouts and themes
    4 integrated layouts: vertical, horizontal, polaroid and isotope. 60 details have been mentioned in advance for each configuration, including those on the demo page. Widgets and shortcuts
    Three different widgets have been provided (Ultimate Search, Top Search and Search) and two shortcuts for each search. The button shortcode is also found in the post editor.
  • Customer service
    We provide real customer support. You will receive a fast response from us within 24 working days. Go to this link to open the support ticket.

Demo URL:

Ajax Search Pro 4.20.2 Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

Installation Guide:

  • Download *.zip content
  • Log into your WordPress admin website.
  • Select on Plugins Tab
  • Click the Add New button
  • Click Choose File Button
  • Select the download plugin
  • Click Install Now Button
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Activate the Plugin

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